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Cactus Fig Facial Balm

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1 oz. jar

Our Cactus Fig Facial Balm is an organic, plant powered, luxurious moisturizer.

This fast-absorbing balm is a unique blend of ingredients that help to alleviate hormonal and problematic skin. Can also be applied to under eye area to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

Formulated to hydrate as well as balance oil production, the Cactus Fig Facial Balm is safe for all skin types.

Provides a softness to skin while adding a beautiful, healthy glow.

Includes a cosmetic spatula

*Color Variations between batches is normal as this is an organic product. The balm will range from blue to green. 

Our notable ingredients:

Organic Prickly Pear Oil - Rich in vitamin E and K this oil absorbs quickly to hydrate deeply leaving the skin soft and supple with a healthy glow.
Raw Shea Butter - Shea butter is rich in fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory properties. This oil conditions and supports skin elasticity.
Organic Mango Butter - This oil is rich in fatty acids that boost collagen production and elasticity of the skin.
Helichrysum - this oil is essential for anti-aging and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. This oil is used to promote healthy skin cell regeneration and a glowing, youthful complexion.
Blue Tansy - this oil is used to calm irritated skin, reduce heat, and relieve delicate or troubled skin. Blue tansy can clear congested pores, reduce pimple causing bacteria, and reduce redness.

Full List of Ingredients: Raw Fair-Trade Shea Butter, Mango Butter, KuKui Nut Oil, Blue Tansy, Tamanu Oil, Boabab Oil, Prickly Pear, Vitamin E (Sunflowers), Helichrysum, Rosemary, Frankincense, Turmeric