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Organic Cotton Facial Rounds

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Our Organic Cotton Facial Rounds are an incredible & Earth friendly replacement to disposable cotton rounds. 

The cotton used is 100% Certified Organic that is undyed, unbleached and grown in the United States! 

The set includes 2 rounds that are 3” in diameter

How To Use:

May be used to oil cleanse by wetting a clean round, adding desired cleansing oil directly to it and sweeping across face and neck removing makeup, dirt and excess oil.

Use a clean cotton round to tone with Essential Blooms Facial Toner of your choice. To tone, pour or spray a small amount of toner onto dry round and sweep across clean skin.

Caring for Your Rounds: 

Machine wash cold or warm with detergent (hotter water is more likely to set stains). Air dry or tumble dry low. A warm iron may be used to release wrinkles.