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French Plum & Bakuchiol Facial Oil

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An organic, plant powered, age defying, retinol alternative, facial oil that can boost collagen, soften fine lines, eliminate dark spots and nourish skin. 

Use with Essential Blooms Facial Cleanser & Toner for best results. 

Our notable ingredients:

Bakuchiol - Considered Nature’s Age Defying Powerhouse without the harsh side effects. This oil can help to brighten the skin by visibly reducing pigmentation and plumps the skin by boosting collagen promoting tissues.
French Plum Oil - this oil is a hydrator and is anti-inflammatory. French plum oil helps brighten and plump the skin, protects against radical damage and oxidative stress, aids in cellular repair, sebum production and skin cell turnover.
Jasmine Oil - This essential oil is a tonic for beautiful, balanced and glowing skin! It may lighten dark spots and balance unevenness, plus helps Lighten acne scars overtime, revealing healthy, radiant skin. It is known to provide a more natural radiance to the skin.
Squalane Oil - this oil is similar to our own skin’s oil! It reduces the appearance of fine lines, moisturizes skin, softens texture, controls oil and helps fade the look of dark spots.



Full List of Ingredients - Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, French Plum Oil, Bakuchiol Oil, Marula Oil, Squalane Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E (Sunflowers), Jasmine, Turmeric, Orange Oil